Finding Your Purpose.

“To know yourself and what your life’s design is meant to achieve, is to know the divine purpose.” GPC

If, and when, you find your skillset, what do you do with it?

In this Western capitalist world, to gain the comforts of life above a subsistence level takes either capital to start a business, great marketing skills, good luck and great timing, a competitive edge, or a knockout skill or product that very few have or can compete with. Making a living is based on Commerce; it is a simple premise of supply and demand…if what you have is not in demand, or there is a glut in the market, what else can you do to contribute? Could you become better at marketing yourself, or adjust your course? Explore and promote another talent you already have, or learn another skill?  

“Ocean Storm” Watercolour 2018 GPC

Giving up is not an option, not for me anyway; my challenge is to make something more of my skills, with no investment capital to start a business, just my time and my belief in myself that I have so much more to offer. I will succeed in finding freedom from stress whether it is financial or existential.

First things first: which skills are in demand and which skills do I have that the world wants? Sounds simple right?  Starting with what one loves to do, what ignites the passion, what has in the past or still does make one jump out of bed every day? These are the things I will first search for purpose. Today I contacted a local Community Garden Group; I have always loved gardening and I now find myself without my own piece of dirt to grow food. I love art; I could seek out a local art group or theatre group to paint backdrops; it is an awesome way to network, doing what you love with like-minded people. I also love to cook, so could search for a community kitchen to be involved with. Whenever my life has been at a loose end, I find solace in being involved in community projects. To me this is what humanity is; help others where you can.  So, if you are reading my blog, and you too are at a crossroads, you don’t know what or where you are supposed to be, try volunteering; it is extremely rewarding, for you AND for those you help.

In the meantime, believe in yourself; we all have something special, we all have our story, let it out.  



2 thoughts on “Finding Your Purpose.

  1. This is where you could volunteer one of your passions as I said the other day. Using your WWC you could volunteer at pre and primary schools to teach the children some artistic basics and use it to network towards a career within the artistic world. I feel at times you undervalue your artwork and yet the one time you left me alone I changed increased your prices and made sales. Never let your self confidence undermine the skill you have gained through your passion.

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