2 June 2019

Day 2

Network: (verb) definition – meet with like-minded people to exchange knowledge and connections for mutual business or social benefit.

Synonyms: connect, link, interact.

No man is an island, entire of itself…” John Dunne


It has been said that to be truly successful in life takes a supportive team; therefore connectivity, conversation, encouragement and mutual respect are the way to achieve success. In my search for financial freedom (and freedom to be worry-free, freedom to be useful, freedom to make a difference), I realise I will have to learn to network with like-minded people, find mentors or a community of people who will encourage me, teach me and hear me.

My first steps towards this end have been to study a degree in Community Development over the past two years whist working in the community in aged and disability care. This has taught me to be brave, to value my input into these vulnerable people’s lives in making a positive difference. Opening one’s self up to scrutiny in the provision of service is daunting, as client’s may rightly say that I have not experienced what they are living. This is where empathy and reflective listening are paramount to understanding others; thinking critically before responding, keeping a kind heart and clear mind, trying to stay right there in the moment is how one helps those in need.

So within the search for my own freedom particularly in finding a way to be independent, to be financially viable and of benefit to society, I have found courage; courage to fail, get back up and build resilience, courage to focus on who I am and what I have to give and not on negative opinions of me or my skills, courage to continue to strive in the face of adversity, and courage to never give up, ever.

Being brave and putting one’s self “out there”, being unafraid of negative opinions, finding courage to network and to connect with those who have succeeded, with those on the same path, or even with those who tried and failed, courage to be vulnerable but steadfast and to listen, share and learn; these are traits worth building and are surely positive steps to freedom.  

“Fortune favours the brave”. (From “Phormio” by Terence 161 B.C.).

P.S. as it is the weekend, I have been cooking up a storm of wholesome and nourishing food. Today is my Lime and Thyme Marinated Mushrooms with cream cheese on sourdough.


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