Seeing the same scene from a different perspective.

“Attachment constrains our vision so that we are not able to see things from a wider perspective”. Dalai Lama

9 June 2019.
Days 6 to 9.

Have you ever looked at a view of a sunrise on the horizon say from sitting on the sand at the beach, or from in the water and from on top of a mountain nearby? This is an analogy of seeing the same view from altered angles; looking at an object (or a problem or an experience) from different viewpoints and discovering how unique it can seem depending on where you are standing (or in this case depending on how you are looking at it and how you are feeling when you look at it).

This is how I am going to approach finding solutions to becoming free from financial stress and worry and free from being under-utilised in my occupation. When I say “occupation”, I not only mean the place I go to work and get an income as reward; I am referring to what occupies my life, my purpose and my passion whether it is for fun or for profit or to offer my services to make the world a little bit better every day.

Looking through adverts and applying for hundreds of jobs on the internet or dropping my resumé into businesses has not landed me more work, and even applying several times to the company which I already work with has not had any success… I did not stand out! So herein lies the problem, how to make the viewer see me from a different perspective. Also, how to view the experience I have differently, so I can formulate a unique solution and direction.

My issue may not at all be that I am not where I want to be financially, although this IS a truth but not the whole story; my problem may be that I am not being resourceful enough with the skills I already possess. I am searching in the wrong place, which in my story, I am trying to get a break back into administration-type roles, but in a different industry, because that is what I have always done. I have always looked at a view from the same standpoint!

‘Time to change how I challenge this. I was lucky enough to be given a book a few days ago which has several excellent examples of finding solutions and a new direction for living through using design principles for your life; the subtitle gives it away “How to build a well-lived, joyful life” (Burnett and Evans 2016).

I have already been living the suggestions of which I have been blogging; I have been networking, researching, asking for help, practicing meditation, being who I want to be, living more purposefully instead of lurching from day to day. I believe people are generally kind and will give help when they can, but if they do not know there is a problem, they cannot offer assistance.  

So, this book has shown up at just the right time in my life as a gift from one of my sons, and now with the help of some like-minded people, I intend using some of the principles to re-design some elements, and look at life a little differently than I have for the past fifty seven years. Another of my children has also given me ideas for using my love of art in ways which I had not considered. Ideas lead to generating more ideas, which if one is open to continuous improvement, can lead to unusual and un-thought of keys to success.


Good book reference:
Burnett, Bill and Dave Evans. 2016. Designing Your Life. Random House Audiobooks.


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